Why Compassionate Care?

We believe patients are entitled to live as fully and as comfortably as possible.

Our Mission

To affirm life during its final stages, by providing:

  • holistic compassionate care to patients and their families
  • access to hospice care for underserved populations
  • resources and education to the community

Our Care

We care for terminally ill patients, with a wide range of illnesses, by providing:

  • a comprehensive program designed to meet the individual
    needs of the patients, families and caregivers
  • complete symptom management
  • on call emergency access 24/7

Our Innovation

We offer innovative support, by providing:

  • specialized care in the comfort and privacy of their homes
  • flexible scheduling for patient care, family meetings,
    support groups, residents and staff.
  • an experienced medical team
  • a commitment to enhancing the quality of life
  • dedicated employees/no agency staffing

Our History

Founded in 1993, Compassionate Care Hospice is a community-based organization committed to providing the highest quality hospice care to patients, their families and close friends throughout the country. We are currently located in over 20 states from the East to the West coast.