Where is care

Hospice services are provided wherever our patients consider home, whether it is their residential home, assisted living facility, or nursing facility. 

The Hospice Medicare and Medicaid Benefit provide for four levels of care. These include:

Please note: Care may also be provided on a short-term basis in hospitals or inpatient hospice units. 

Routine Home Care provides:

  • Service in the patient’s personal home or the Long Term Facility of choice
  • Assistance with hospital discharges to home or facility
  • Same day admission to immediately start the services provided by Hospice
  • Same day medication delivery
  • Same day durable medical equipment delivery

General Inpatient Care provides:

  • Short-term care (usually 3–4 days) in Hospitals or In-Patient Unit
  • Care for acute symptoms which cannot be resolved in the home setting
  • Some examples include: uncontrolled pain, intractable nausea/vomiting, or uncontrolled bleeding that is not responding to our Team’s intervention

Respite Care Provides:

  • Short-term care in the Hospital or In-Patient Unit
  • Respite care limited to 5 consecutive days by Medicare
  • A break from the home setting for the patient or primary care giver
  • A break from the home setting when the patient is transitioning to a new living situation

Continuous Care provides:

  • At home or facility care for acute symptoms generally addressed in a Hospital or In-Patient Unit setting
  • 24-hour care supporting the patient
  • Round-the-clock care for the patient by our team of Hospice-certified Registered Nurses and Hospice Aides.