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Located in San Marcos, Compassionate Care Hospice of Central Texas (CCHCT) is the latest addition to the Compassionate Care (CCH) family of hospice providers in Texas and throughout the United States. Compassionate Care Hospice programs are located in 21 states and have served hospice patients and their families for 19 years.

CCHCT focuses on several specialty areas such as cardiac disease (Cardiac Connections), patients suffering from diseases of the lungs (Pulmonary Connections) and patients battling all forms of cancer. Caring ACTs is a specialty program unique to the San Marcos program, that provides holistic therapy services to all CCHCT patients and families when requested and appropriate. CCHCT also has a program dedicated to caring for Veterans and their spouses.

The CCHCT team strongly embraces the philosophy that hospice care is so much more than just treating the symptoms of a disease. Treating the spirit and soul are equally important in allowing a terminally ill patient to die in peace and allow those left behind to be supported through their grief. CCHCT provides hospice care services in the home (regardless of where home is), such as bathing, grooming, medication management and monitoring, assessments, quality of life services, and companionship.

We work with the patient and caregivers to help prevent undesired hospitalizations and allow the patient to remain in their home. CCHCT has neighboring branches in College Station, Dallas, Houston and Beaumont. Along with the counties served by these branches, Compassionate Care Hospice covers most of central Texas and the Gulf Coast.

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If you think hospice may be right for you or your loved one, please take the opportunity to contact our office so that we can set-up an appointment to explain our services. Our hospice team will even contact your physician for you.

San Marcos Office — phone: (512) 295-5333 | toll-free: (877) 920-5333 | fax: (512) 295-6333 | email: Program Director