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Immediately following the death of a loved one, some family members want to know how they can help other.

One way to give back is through the Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation (CCHF).

Why is a foundation important?
When a person is seriously ill, the bills don’t stop. Facing financial difficulty is overwhelming and indisputably adds unbearable stress to the already difficult and heartbreaking situation of a family member who is ill. Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation (CCHF) was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2004. CCHF was created to collect, manage, and equitably distribute the funds that grateful family and appreciative friends contributed in recognition of the hospice service given to their terminally ill loved ones.

The devastating challenges of serious illness often reach deeper than the psychological, emotional, and physical complications of the illness—so often, there is a hidden and demoralizing financial impact felt by the loss of employment, or the cost of care. During difficult economic times, CCHF focuses on providing the basic care needs first—then additional support services and comfort items when possible.

Charitable donations are deposited with the Compassionate Care Hospice Foundation, a 501c3 not for profit foundation formed by Compassionate Care Hospice. To-date, the foundation has aided more than 37,000 patients, and their immediate household members.

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